How to Be a Great Blackjack Dealer

5 Helpful Tips to be an Efficient Blackjack Dealer

Do you want to work for a reputable casino? If you want to improve your likability and earning potential as a blackjack dealer, there are some things you need to address. Some individuals choose to enroll in training sessions to enhance their skills. From the handling of chips to the mechanics of shuffling cards, they will be given detailed manuals to level up their efficiency that is completely different from the typical scr8888.

However, there are also plenty of things schools and certificate programs wouldn’t be able to teach you. The proper way to converse with pit bosses, handling players and making right decisions are just few of things you should figure out all by yourself.

If you want to be an efficient blackjack dealer and continuously increase your income, you should always be friendly and accommodating to every person you meet inside the casino. Why? In some casino businesses, all tips that were given to dealers are gathered together, and divided evenly according to work hours. However, in other casinos, the dealer gets to keep all of the tips.

What is the most important thing you should do as a dealer? To be able to make lots of money, just let the players join and enjoy your game!

1. Make sure to know your players.

To be a great blackjack dealer, you need to be a good conversationalist. The better you carry your conversations, the more you get to know your players. Every person who visits the casino would love to be recognized. Ask and remember their names—this is an important first step towards the right direction.

Furthermore, knowing your players can also help you gain more tips. If you feel like they need your guidance, never hesitate to assist them. The more you anticipate the player’s requirements, the more you can anticipate money.

2. Always put a smile on your face.

A simple smile can convince players to play on your table. Even at the beginning of the hiring process, casino professionals know that they need to hire charming individuals. Entertainers and dealers should know how to interact with all of their guests well.

3. Get used to the cameras.

Every casino is full of surveillance cameras. All the players, dealers and other casino employees are endlessly watched by various lenses. You need to get used to that, and acknowledge the primary reason behind such rules, that is, meticulous casino security.

Efficient security is important since it also helps in finding errors. Simple cheating incidents and horrifying crimes will never escape the eye in the sky. Make sure to deal with such procedures every single day without asking any questions.

4. Treat everyone with respect.

A blackjack dealer should treat people with respect, may it be inside or outside the casino. When you treat players with respect, you may end up earning more money compared to your bosses. Never argue with a pit boss, floor supervisor or any anyone else inside the work space. If something goes wrong, there is always a calmer and more diplomatic approach to solve it.

5. Don’t take things personally.

Some players and other casino visitors may blame you for many things beyond your control. Never take these things personally. Sometimes, players may sound rude, but never move your head in various directions or roll your eyes. Talk to them calmly and courteously. Some people are genuinely rude, other are just uninformed. Proper communication is they to settle these things, so always lend a helping hand. Also, remember that not all of the players that walk inside casino know how to tip.