Interviewing A Website Developer

If you are looking to hire a website developer but on a tight budget, you can always go for freelance website developers because they are significantly cheaper compared to hiring a website developer from an agency. But the downside is that a freelance website developer tends to work from their home, meaning remotely. So they won’t be able to present physically in your location, and this hinder communication. Especially if you only connect and discuss with your website developer via Skype chat or other applications like it. This very reason also what makes it hard when interviewing a website developer but by asking these 5 questions will help you evaluate the website developer you will interview.

Ask These 5 Questions When You’re Interviewing Website Developer

Have You Worked Remotely Before?

When it comes down to remote work it is completely different from the standard forms of work. So for a website developer to be able work efficiently, he/she must understands and knows the work environment, culture and people in the company that hired he/she.

If the website developer answered ‘yes’ ask he/she to tell about previous work experience, ask how they handle day to day task, projects and emergency troubleshooting. You can tell how experience a website developer working remotely is when he/she talk about previous experience.

Are You Up to Date and Familiar With Latest  Web Development Frameworks?

A good website developer will be up to date with latest and currently most used web development frameworks. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freelance website developer that is working remotely from other location or in-house website developer, it applies to both.

So if the freelance website developer knows what are the currently most used web development frameworks and also able to explain how each of the frameworks work. Also, don’t forget to ask why do website developers choose to use (insert name) framework instead of another? An experienced website developer should be able to provide reasons such time saving or cost efficient etc.

How Well Experienced Are You With Programming Language? And What About Server-Side Language?

By holding the title of a website developer, means that he/she should be familiar with HTML and CSS. Including scripting language such Angular.js, Express.js, and JSON because these scripting language are important when you are building a website.

Asked how many years of experience he/she has with programming language. Three to four years preferably because it’ll mean the website developer has adequate understanding on how each language work and it’s limitation.

Another important question to ask is “do you know how to store values in website’s database? Do you know how to set up database? Do you have the ability to code website’s backend?”

Which Is Content Management System Do You Use?

A website developer with more than one of year experience should be able to know what does CMS stands for and which CMS he/she uses. CMS or content management system is a tool that helps you organize, add and manage content of a website.

And WordPress is the most known and widely used by website developers, web designers and content creators because it is fairly easy to be use and it has built-in structures that lets you create a interesting and interactive blog sites, corporate sites or magazine sites.

An experienced website developer will always set up CMS beforehand, so that writers or designers able to tweak the content without help from website developer.

Are You Comfortable With Frequent Video Meeting, Chats Discussion And Phone Meeting? What Telework Software That You Familiar With?

As mentioned earlier within this article, the biggest challenge working as a freelance website developer from a remote location maintaining communication. So the website developer must be open to communication (any form) and able speak clearly, knows how to explain (written or spoken).

Also, it’ll better if the website developer already has experience using telecommunication software such Skype, Asana, Slack or Zoom. This will help in managing day to day work and tasks and coordinate with the rest of the team.

In The End What’s Important Is…

What’s important in the end is that the website developer you are going to interview should be a good listener, and speaker. Because he/she will be working remotely, means he/she won’t be able to show how to do or solve physically. So a good communication is crucial, aside from other compulsory skills, of course.