The Evolution and Growing Importance of Digital Marketing and Web Design

We live in a time when the internet has the power to provide answers for most everyday problems, be it seeking medical advice, making travel arrangements, searching for directions or even purchasing fresh produce. As someone who has been associated with the field of online marketing and custom website design for over two decades, I feel it is safe to state that the two aspects assume way bigger roles than they did when I started out.

Why All the Hue and Cry About Web Design?

Recently, one problem some websites have faced is the means by which they appear over multiple devices, essentially because some still remain optimized for desktops alone. Consider these insights from comScore.

There was a 30 percent increase in internet access through tablets from December 2013 to December 2015, and internet access utilizing smartphones increased by right around 80 percent amid the same period. Incidentally, there was a 1 percent drop in desktop internet utilization.

Design components, in my experience, assume a more vital role than content when it comes to building trust. First impressions matter when it comes to how much time guests spend on websites, so design elements should make your website look credible and reliable.

Some of the obstacles that come to mind include complex formats, spring up advertisements, moderate load times, absence of shading and difficult-to-read print. Fortunately, swinging to effective web design gives you the means to address these without hardly lifting a finger.

Computerized Marketing Has Come a Long Way

Long gone are the days when having a website and barraging the internet with keyword-rich articles worked. I currently view a website as a customer service representative working as the advanced face of a business, where establishing that immeasurably essential first connection checks. Just, how can one even get to your website?

Without the correct sort of advanced marketing, your business does not stand a very decent chance in the profoundly competitive online marketplace. Data from a CTR think about by Advanced Web Ranking demonstrates a direct correlation between active clicking factor (CTR) and exact position on a search engine result page.

The first three results represent around 50 percent of activity, and it is all natural. In my experience, basically utilizing the primary keyword in the presentation URL helps increase CTR, as does incorporating a special offer in the headline.

Given the evolution of computerized marketing methodologies and mediums, remaining abreast of changes is significant. The use of videos, for instance, has seen huge development over the most recent two years, and there appears to be no backing off.

For what other reason would our company swing to marketing its services and giving data to its customer base by means of videos through stages, for example, YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo? Liveliness, shockingly, seems to locate an increasing number of takers, with a Taco Bell advertisement on YouTube getting more than 1.1 million views serving as a great example. Businesses taking a gander at getting on the videos’ bandwagon can benefit by determining what stories they need to tell and dedicating resources in like manner.

Going ahead, advanced marketing is set to make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Around 80 percent of marketers who shared in a Demandbase consider feel that AI will revolutionize this field in the coming years, and around a quarter of all marketers saw chatbots as the most exciting chance.

I surmise that neither trend ought to be ignored because both go hand-in-hand. The way that Cyber Monday 2017 generated $6.59 billion in the U.S. alone, making it the largest online sale in the nation’s history, goes to demonstrate that the online marketplace continues to develop. To get a share of the pie, it’s really about effective web design and advanced marketing. Overrated? Not by far!