Things You Need to Know About Men’s Health

Just as the healthiest diet for babies, girls, women and the elderly is a vegan diet, it is also the healthiest diet for people. There is no magic ingredient that improves the health of men in meat or dairy, sometimes you need the best multivitamin for men. In addition, saturated fat, growth hormones, and meat and dairy chemical compounds are related to a wide range of men’s health issues. Here’s 10 good reasons to go vegan for guys…

Prostate Cancer

In UK men the most common cancer is Prostate cancer. There is a higher likelihood for men who eat lots of red meat or high-fat dairy products to develop prostate cancer. A low-fat vegan diet rich in fruits and vegetables in combination with exercise can help slow the progression of prostate cancer in men who have the disease already.


It couldn’t be more wrong to think that people need to eat red meat to succeed sexually. Foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol (meat and dairy products) can also obstruct blood flow to other vital organs by blocking the arteries leading to and from the heart! Vegan fireman Rip Esselstyn (Son of famous heart surgeon Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn) says: “The canary in the coal mine is an underperforming penis when it comes to heart disease.” A diet rich in vegetables, wholegrains, fruits, nuts, pulses, and seeds protects against blocked arteries, heart disease, stroke, and lowers the risk of impotence that can be an early warning of heart disease.


Meat and dairy foods may be correlated with fertility issues; people who consume the most meat and full-fat dairy products have less and slower sperm, while those who eat the most fruits and vegetables (meaning more vitamins, folic acid and fiber and less proteins and fats) have better quality sperm that swims faster.

Heart Disease

Around 1.4 million people have heart disease in the UK and about 50,000 men have a heart attack every year in England alone. You can do many things to help prevent heart disease, including: quit smoking, regular exercise, and go vegan. Avoiding meat and milk will help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent or control diabetes of type 2 and reduce the risk of heart disease ultimately


The UK has become Europe’s’ fat man.’ One in four adults in Britain is obese. Men who are obese are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes by five times, more likely to develop bowel cancer by three times, and more likely to develop high blood pressure by more than two-and – a-half times–a major risk factor for heart disease. A low-fat vegan diet can help you lose weight and keep it safe. It also helps to improve blood’s fat levels and can help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.


Depression may be more common in women than men, but it is much more likely that men will commit suicide. This may be because people are more hesitant to seek assistance. Research shows that vegans experience less stress and anxiety than meat and dairy eaters and that meat and dairy reduction can provide major mood benefits.


Bodybuilders who are more susceptible to acne are using steroid hormones or whey-based supplements to promote muscle growth. Hormones increase the skin’s oil production, which can lead to blocked hair follicles that result in large pus-filled spots if infected and inflamed. Because two thirds of retail cow’s milk is taken from pregnant cows when the levels of hormones are high, dairy avoidance reduces the risk of Acne.

Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is relatively rare in men in the UK with approximately 400 men each year compared to approximately 50,000 women. Nevertheless, the outlook for breast cancer in men is not as strong as in women, possibly because there is less recognition and diagnosis may take longer. A significant body of evidence links the occurrence of breast cancer with meat, milk and cheese intake.

Bowel Cancer

The BBQ is a popular male domain that frequently burns sausages, burgers and hot dogs to a crisp! The World Health Organization claims processed meat is causing cancer of the intestine, and it is possible that red meat is also causing it. Bowel cancer is England’s second most common disease and the third most common cause of death from cancer in men after lung and prostate cancer. Stick a vegan sausage or portobello mushroom in the grill for a quick solution

Men’s Fitness

You don’t build muscle by eating muscle (meat), contrary to popular belief. Muscles grow by using it, and a well-balanced whole grain vegan diet is the best diet to fuel it. This diet has the advantage that it contains all the good things; Complex carbohydrates, vitamins and fibre; unhealthy animal fats, animal protein and cholesterol, all linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and some cancers. This includes several complex carbohydrates; wholemeal wheat, brown pasta and brown rice, delivering slow-release energy and nutrition to help protect the health of the heart and intestines. It is rich in antioxidants that causes disease busting; vitamins A, C, and E, particularly important for sportsmen. It also provides a good supply of unsaturated essential fatty acids found in nuts, grains, beans, avocados and vegetable oils, including omega-3s of linseed oil also known as flaxseed oil, green leafy vegetables and some walnuts, to help maintain a healthy heart. It can fulfill your heart’s appetite while also supplying all the nutrients your body needs to maintain a sporty lifestyle and build muscle extra.