Important Foods to Try to Enhance Sex Life

It’s a shame to be a bedtime minuteman. Fortunately there are some tips, supplements for men and foods in you to wake the stallion up. All that’s required is little preparation and careful food item selection. Toxic chemical products don’t need to be taken.

Here’s a list of some natural foods that will help you stay longer in bed.

Red Wine

There is a reason why it is in our list above all; it’s perfect for men and women alike. This relaxes you and your friend, allows you both to step into the right mood. Wine is great for men in reducing uncertainty about success and prolonging results.

This increases sexual desire for women, and even lubrication. This also helps to improve the sexual experience when the partner is in the right mood.

Red wine is more effective than other alcoholic beverages because it is high in many organic compounds that are missing from other alcoholic beverages. It’s rich in antioxidants, and more. Nevertheless, having alcohol in moderation is necessary otherwise it may worsen the performance for some people.

The general recommendation is to have a glass of red wine, or two. One can find the right amount with a little experimenting, which is perfect for the best sexual experience.

Seeds and Nuts

Chocolate may be a good choice to increase serotonin, decrease anxiety and help improve sex life. Seeds and nuts, however, win in the long run, due to better nutritional value.

Nuts are outstandingly good for men’s long-term sexual health. These are rich in the majority of macro and micronutrients; these are an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals such as zinc and many of them have L-arginine. Nuts are high in omega-3s, too. We help alleviate fear, provide strength for long-lasting performance in bed, and enable your swimmers (sperms).

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds can all contribute to your daily diet. These are the natural foods that will surely help you sleep longer in bed.


Include in your daily diet a range of meat to improve your sexual performance; Meat is good for hard erection, and allows men to stay in bed longer. So you’ve got more beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc. Choose grass-fed meat over farmed animals, as meat from grass-fed animals is higher in specific nutrients such as omega-3s, where possible.

Meat enhances sexual performance by enhancing the flow of blood to male sex organ. These are also a rich source of high quality protein (balanced amino acid content), zinc, and L-arginine. Meat components will help in lasting longer.

Eat meat in moderation and avoid high-fat meat because your blood vessels don’t want to be damaged. Blood vessel elasticity plays a vitally important role in sexual performance. Vegetarians can get more amino acids from dairy products, nuts, and dried fruits, and other compounds.


Oysters, scallops, mollusks, lobsters, crabs, are not only about calcium, amino acids and other nutrients. Research shows they have an aphrodisiac effect as they contain some chemicals known to raise the levels of testosterone.

Higher levels of testosterone after these food items mean increased sexual desire, better ability to perform in bed and less recovery time. This translates not only into greater performance in bed but also into more regular sexual activity.


Fatty fished have recently received a great deal of interest in nutrition science, as people learn to appreciate the value of high quality fats. High quality fats are good for health, they have omega-3s and therefore improve mind and heart functioning. Omega-3s avoid plaque building up in arteries.

Eating fatty fish such as salmon 2-3 times a week can help improve wellbeing, and can also have a positive effect on hormonal balance, sperm motility and efficiency. It is entirely possible that salmon can provide specific nutrients in which an individual may lack, thus helping to prolong sexual performance.


We know it doesn’t sound romantic at all, and getting garlic before date is not a good idea because of the pungent smell it makes. However, adding a small amount of garlic to your diet can help keep your blood vessels free of plaques, help lower cholesterol, and make it heart-friendly. Garlic has patented anticoagulants.

Chili Peppers

One more food item that doesn’t sound sweet, unlike chocolates or strawberries. But, they do have capsaicin that is believed to improve metabolism. So the beneficial effects of peppers can be experienced even after keeping them in food for hours.

Besides that, chili peppers boost the anticipation, libido, blood flow to your vital organs, and help burn extra body fat. Capsaicin has some effects that are very close to sexual arousal, and that may explain its influence on prolonging bedtime sexual performance.